Sunday, February 22, 2009


Briggs is 10 months old. Wow the time has flown by!! He is busy crawling all over and pulling up to everything. He loves to stand and walk. He actually took some steps on his own which was exciting. He is still our littlest at 19 lbs 13oz and 28 in. I think Brock was that at 6 months, but that is ok. He is such a sweet baby and loves to follow his brother and sister around. He says momma, dadda, uh oh and claps and waves!! It is so fun to see them grow and develop into themselves. He had such a fun silly personality. We love him so much!

Ice Fishing

Brock and Barrett went ice fishing with some friends in January. They had a lot of fun. They did not catch anything, but saw a couple of other fish from other people. It was quite an adventure keeping warm and keeping Brock out of the holes. Brock's foot actually slipped into a little hole and he said it was so cold but he didn't seem to upset about it. I was freaking out when I heard that, I guess it is good I didn't go!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sammi's hair!

Sammi did what just about every child, especially girl does in her lifetime. She cut her own hair as you can see. It was cute when she did it she said she wanted it short like mine. Then she said she really wanted it like Brocks. Which had me a little nervous, at least she really didn't go that short. We then took her in to a really cute place called cookie cutters and they made it so cute with bangs. She seems to think she has a fohawk like Brock though. I keep saying no they are called bangs. She loves Brock so much and wants to be like him. Is that normal? I guess I was never a girly girl either. Honestly it is a cuter cut and much easier to do, so she is pretty smart I guess!!