Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where do we begin....

I want to give a brief update of our March events. So Barrett turned the big 30 on March 10th and I tried to do something special, but all I came up with was laser tagging and dinner with some great friends. We have truly made some amazing friends from Saratoga Springs and we now have an annual dinner at Tucanos! The guys love the meat and the girls love to chat and enjoy the company. Laser Tag was a blast and made us feel young again. We were probably the oldest there for sure! We put girls against guys and they killed us, but we still had fun trying to find them and tripping up stairs! Then March 11th I turned 29, yeah I will be in my 20's one more year. WE went to see Avatar and got a quick bite to eat. I was very spoiled with some nice running shoes and running clothes. It is pretty fun to have our birthdays right next to eachother. It does seem like an anniversary or valentines, but Barrett does always make it special for me.
Also in March was the first of 4 interviews with Wadman construction. They started with a phone interview then went on to 2 interview with managers to 1 interview with the president and v.p. of Wadman. It was a long process and we were very stressed and anxious, but they did hire Barrett as a temporary employee, then after 90 days as a superintendent. It was a huge blessing and we are so grateful to have the work. It was a wierd way of hiring and not loving the trial period, but they really seem to like Barrett and have big plans as soon as his hours are up with the temp agency. We will not ask questions and just be grateful for the work. We have learned so much through this time and are truly grateful to go through this. We have had so many prayers, fasts, and kind gestures for or to us.Thank you to you all! What a humbling experience and now we hope to be able to pay it forward. He started April 1, 2010 and they have kept him pretty busy, not always doing what he loves to do, but it all pays the same!:)
I am so proud of him and truly look up to him and his hard work ethic and good attitude. They wanted you for a reason and I am grateful for that!!