Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah Valley Half Marthon

I did my 2nd half marathon June 12! My first half was 3 years ago when Sammi was 18mo. I wanted to try a different course and heard good things about the Utah Valley one, because it is mostly down hill :)! The training went pretty good, the weather never really cooperated during the race but I ran through it. I was mentally more prepared and had fun. I have lots of freinds who run, but ended up doing this one on my own. I am good with that I like my music and it is very therapuetic. I was very happy with my time, I just wanted to beat my first time and did by like 20min. I had about 2:37! My wonderful hubby and kids were there to see me run in and were very supportive during the training. Barrett even got up at 3:30 with me to take to to the start line. The weather wasn't great for June but you learn to run in anything in Utah! It was beautiful to run down provo canyon, past bridal veil falls, and into Provo.