Thursday, May 27, 2010


Brock had his birthday on May 9 and we celebrated together as a family. We decided to do a friend party every other year and I really like the idea. The kids aren't too sure, but we enjoyed a day at Boondocks with just the five of us. Then on Sunday, also mother's day Brock and I enjoyed breakfast in bed. Daddy did such a good job spoiling us both. Then Grandmas and Grandpa came over for some cake and ice cream. I can't believe he is 7 and next year will be getting baptized. He is such a big helper. I love having him around more this summer. He is also very very smart. Loves math and loved 1st grade. He got a bee bee gun which he wanted for a while and a couple of wii games. We love Brock so much and hope he had a great day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


So April had a nice start with a job and midway through we had another birthday. Briggs turned 2, holy cow my baby is 2. He is so fun, loving, tender, crazy, busy, and we love every bit of him. We woke him up to presents and surprises, I think his favorite is the little mini spider man four wheeler. He drives that thing like he owns the place. Some things I love about Briggs at 2'
>He is still a momma's boy, Brock barely lasted till 1.
>He says yeah for everything, mid cry you ask, "are you ok?" and he responds, "Yeah"
>He has the highest pitch scream to ever come out of a boy maybe even any 2 year old.
>He is not afraid of anything.
>He will climb up or jump off just about anything.
>He is totally turing into a toe head, no more strawbery :(
>He will always cuddle with me.
>He would rather sleep on the floor than in his crib/toddler bed. So he now sleeps on a sleeping bag?/ Whatever works right?
>He stills climbs in our bed at least once a night.
>He has a mean bite, you make him mad, or take something he will bite, ask Sammi :(
>He loves fruit snacks, he could eat 5 a day if I let him.
>He still struggles when he is left with a sitter. Crying and wants me.
>maybe that why He wont go to nursery either.
>He loves shoes, wants them on first thing after he is dressed and usually wont take them off.
>He loves Brock and doing anything he is doing
>He loves his binky
>He does not like sleeping especially alone
>He loves going places in the car
>Falls asleep in random places, the floor being the most frequent

He had such a great day with his family. Grandma Love and Grandma and Grandpa Wootton came over for a bbq and some cake and ice cream. He got some trucks, blocks, diggers and clothes!
I could go on and on, but we will stop there. Happy Birthday Briggs! WE Love you!!