Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swim lessons

We did the first round of swim lessons this past week, the 2nd week of June, and Brock and Sammi did great. We go to a great house in PG with a pool and wonderful teachers. We have now for 3 years and they do a great job. Barrett was able to come and watch a day and the kids were so excited to show him what they can do. I am so proud of them both, they each moved to the next level! Brock moved to level 4 which has 10, 11, even 13 yrs old. He will learn breast stroke, side stroke and practice the other 3 strokes he knows, going down and back the whole length of the pool on his own. He can also tread water great, 2 min at a time no problem. He is such a good little swimmer and we are very proud! Sammi did great in level 2 and will start to swim across the pool on her own, the short distance, learning freestyle and back stroke. She is very comfortable on her own which is so nice. Here are some pictures of them both!


I am so behind, so I am trying to catch up on everything that has been going on! This spring Brock and Sammi were able to play soccer with the city. They both did great and loved playing. Sammi didn't have quite the drive yet, being her first year, but she did score a few goals and was taller than most of the other kids. We will see if she wants to play again. I hope so!
Brock did great and loved having a little more structure as he gets older. They were able to have goalies and some defenders. He really liked playing goalie, but really did well as foward attacking the ball. He is definently one of the tougher kids, he's not afraid of anyone! We were so proud! Barrett help coach Brocks team which made it a little trick to watch both games when Brock and Sammi games overlapped each other. I love seeing them play sports and figure out what they are good at and love!