Thursday, June 4, 2009

May in a nutshell

We had a great May starting with Brock turning 6!! Wow I can't believe I have a 6yr old. He had a fun party with a few? friends. Barrett talked him into going to Cabelas where they let you have as many kids as you would like, scavenger hunt, tokens to shoot the guns, fish food and some candy for each one. So I did go a little crazy and invited quite a few, we had 16 with Brock and Sammi. It was crazy, but fun! He got lots of water guns, bakugans, and star wars stuff! We got him Lego Indiana Jones on Wii which is nice instead of star wars all the time.
Then the next day we headed down to Monticello for the turkey hunt which was very unsuccessful for all the hunters in our group, but still fun. We had a pool and hot tub at the hotel and had a fun cook out in the mountains! Then on the way home we stopped in Arches National park and did a couple of little hikes which was so beautiful and the kids were amazed! The sand was so soft but when the wind picked up it hurt a little, so we quickly left that hike. What a beautiful state we live in, we have it all!! We definitely want to go back and spend some time at Arches and Moab.

Then with school coming to an end we had the dance festival at Brock's school, which was so cute! Then his Kindergarten graduation, which really brought tears to my eyes, I can't believe he is done and now going into 1st grade, aaah. I am so happy/sad to see him grow up so fast! He did wonderful at Odyessey. We are so proud of him. May flew by and June is going to fast too.