Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here is a brief catchup of the holidays

Christmas was wonderful we were so blessed and had such a nice Christmas! The kids
were very happy too. We definently cut back but I don't know that the kids even noticed. We(Santa) made Sammi a dollhouse, which turned out so cute. It was fun to work on together and keeping the kids out of the garage was a challenge! But it turned out perfect! She loved it and plays with it more and more everyday. Brock got Madden on Wii and loves it! Briggs got some wonderful slightly used toys and has no clue and loves them all! We had Barrett's Mom over Christmas Eve and helped wrapped up presents. Barrett and I were very grateful to be able to give our kids a wondeful Christmas, that was our only desire for this Christmas! We had many wonderfull generous and loving family and friends help us out during this time! Many drop offs we still to this day don't know from who, but also some we know very well and can't tell them how much we appreciate there willingness to sacrafice on our behalf and share with us during this Christmas season!

The New Year was fun, we spent the night with friends playing games and enjoying eachothers company. Hoping we can end this past year and start a new and better year in many ways. HOpefully a job, being #1!But many more goals and a great start to a new year.

Pictures will come soon!