Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brock's sports

One thing we have realized to our relief is Brock loves sports. We both are past athletes and really hoped our kids would feel the same way. He has played just about every sport and here are a couple of them. He did flag football for the last year, yes he really wants to play tackle and since they do it in 1st grade, he can. It is a little scary for Mom but he will try that in the fall. So here are the flag football pictures.

He also played basketball with the city and had so much fun! He is a good little athlete! So fun to see him develop these talents.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Briggs in nursery

So after a lot of coaxing and sitting in there with him, Briggs now loves nursery. He loves the friends in there, songs, snacks and leaders. So he now looks forward to going. But 3 weeks ago we feared that it changed. He had a run in with the wall. He is a very rambunctious little boy and when given the chance to run around the table he will take it. So apparently they all decided to run around the snack table. Briggs tripped and hit the wall divider, which is sharp and metal, not a good combo. I just walked into Relief Society when a good friend came to pull me out and say calmly Briggs fell and is bleeding. I wasn't too concerned until all I saw red, he was covered in blood. I know heads bleed but I have never seen so much blood. I had a friend call Barrett cause he was home with Brock who was sick. Then we brought him home and finally calmed him down and cleaned him up. It stopped bleeding and Barrett thought a butterfly band aid would keep it together and wouldn't need stitches. I thought it would for sure need stitches, but it is looking good now! In this picture he is being tough, cause we kept telling him that to help calm him down. Being pregnant didnt help my emotions but I kept it together for the most part. The primary president and bishop showed up later that week to make sure he was ok, which was very nice!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year, new life, new dreams!!

So a happy new year to everyone! We are glad once again to say goodbye to another crazy year. New dreams of a better, more successful year. No more layoffs please!!! But some wonderful news, now that it is official( we heard the heartbeat), we are expecting #4 and final :) Our new bundle is due August 5, so hopes of a July baby!! We are excited, ready (I think), and grateful!

Baby On Board

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The Holidays

Thanksgiving was freezing cold and I signed up to run a 5k that morning. I couldn't back out even though I know some people did. It was 9 degrees, burrrrrr. It was still fun to get up and get a good workout in on turkey day. Barrett missed flag football so I could too, how sweet!! Then we went up to his aunt and uncle for dinner which was delicious! Very grateful for the invite and the kids had fun in a new place.

Christmas seemed to come so fast, but never soon enough for the kids. What a fun year, they are all at very good fun ages! We enjoyed seeing them wake up and find what Santa brought! It is so much so fast but we loved it. Briggs was so cute when he woke up and got out of bed, he was still sleepy, so he kept repeating, "I'm walking, I'm walking." We spent Christmas eve and my parents getting spoiled and enjoying the true reason for the season! Then went over to Barrett's mom's that day for some more fun, food, and presents. We were very blessed and spoiled! Pictures will come soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


These are cute kids on Halloween! Brock was a vampire, Briggs a dragaon and Sammi was a spooky witch. They loved putting the makeup on and getting dressed up!


We got to see the animals outside before the circus. Then we went inside and got close up with a few different acts! The kids loved it. Sammi was a little nervous with being so close to the really tall guys and clowns. The elephants were amazing and even did a painting all on his own! All in all so glad we had the chance to go as a family. It was really fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sammi's Birthday

About a month into school Sammi turned 5. She is so close to the deadline, but misses it. She is so tall, she is going to tower over those kindergartners next year. So this year for Sammi it was just our family party and we decided to take everyone to the circus. We had so much fun seeing all the animals and many neat tricks! They all loved the motorcycles in the round cage, that was my favorite as a kid too! On the night of her actual birthday we had her favorite dinner of eggs and bacon made by Dad and some cake and ice cream. She got to go out with Grandma and Grandpa Wootton and eat dinner and go shopping. Then a few weeks later she had a fun sleepover at Grandma Loves! She was spoiled with toys, clothes and lots of love!
We love you Sammi!
some of my favorite things about her are
-she loves her Dad so much!
-she loves to help me cook
-she wants to wear lipstick every day
-even though we but heads at times, we are a lot a like and it is fun to have a little me!
-she loves to dance and play house
-loves babies and prays a lot that we can have a girl baby sometime :)
- she learned to ride her bike without training wheels
- not afraid of the water and is a great swimmer.
- learning to read and is doing great!
- loves pink!
lots and lots of wonderful things about her!