Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year, new life, new dreams!!

So a happy new year to everyone! We are glad once again to say goodbye to another crazy year. New dreams of a better, more successful year. No more layoffs please!!! But some wonderful news, now that it is official( we heard the heartbeat), we are expecting #4 and final :) Our new bundle is due August 5, so hopes of a July baby!! We are excited, ready (I think), and grateful!

Baby On Board

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The Holidays

Thanksgiving was freezing cold and I signed up to run a 5k that morning. I couldn't back out even though I know some people did. It was 9 degrees, burrrrrr. It was still fun to get up and get a good workout in on turkey day. Barrett missed flag football so I could too, how sweet!! Then we went up to his aunt and uncle for dinner which was delicious! Very grateful for the invite and the kids had fun in a new place.

Christmas seemed to come so fast, but never soon enough for the kids. What a fun year, they are all at very good fun ages! We enjoyed seeing them wake up and find what Santa brought! It is so much so fast but we loved it. Briggs was so cute when he woke up and got out of bed, he was still sleepy, so he kept repeating, "I'm walking, I'm walking." We spent Christmas eve and my parents getting spoiled and enjoying the true reason for the season! Then went over to Barrett's mom's that day for some more fun, food, and presents. We were very blessed and spoiled! Pictures will come soon!