Monday, March 8, 2010


Brock was able to play rec league basketball for the first time. He loved it too! This is the first time Barrett didn't coach him, but it went well! Brock has loved his coach. WE are learning he is very hard on himself and wants to be the best, so that is something we are trying to work with him on. He can dribble great and shoots really good too. His best game he made 8 baskets, he was so excited!! WE love coming to the games and watching him discover his talents!


This is such a bad picture so don't look too close! It was right after a game.

So I have started playing indoor soccer, I guess now 2 seasons. I play with some people in our ward on a coed team and it has been pretty fun! It took me a minute to remember the game but thank goodness I had experience from high school. It is really fast paced and a great work out. I have really had fun!