Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Rooms!

We recently moved Brock down stairs so he could have his own room. He is getting so big and insisted on needing alone time, and Sammi wasn't giving him any. We have 3 more bedrooms downstairs and he wasn't nervous at all so we went to work combining the two offices and moving Brock's bed downstairs. He wanted a sports room and we did our best, still in the works though. Sammi was able to have her own room upstairs now and she wanted a pink one! So to help with the transition of sleeping by herself we let her pick some paint and we painted her room! It turned out really cute!! I still want some new furniture for her but the painting and flowers are darling! Barrett is so great with all my projects! He helped so much with the painting and moving! Thanks hun!I must say that everyone is doing great in there own rooms. Brock is not scared at all and Sammi sleeps in later than everyone now! Yeah!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for! Last Monday we did family home evening about gratitude and we each made a list of everything we are grateful for. Brock did his own and Sammi got help from Dad. I helped Briggs with one too. It was so nice to see what everyone is thankful for, even remind myself, that although we are going through this trial, we have so many blessings. I love those moments together as a family. We all put eachother at the top of the list. I love my family so much! We spent the day with my family first eating at a church with my Mom's side of the family, (grandma, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) there was a lot of people. Then we went back to my parents and ate some more . Then my Dad bought us all tickets to see Christmas Carol! The kids really liked it, even though the ghosts were a bit scary. We back to eat more and play games! All in all a great day with lots of eating!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Fun!

We carved pumpkins this year just with our little family! It was fun and we kept them really simple. The kids loved drawing on the pumpkins and picking out the design. They all, even Briggs liked cleaning them out. Then Brock had a halloween parade at his school and Sammi had a little party at pre-school. We got together with my family and had a fun party with all the cousins in there costumes. Then on Halloween the kids went trunk or treating with there cousin Savannah at our ward building.Brock was Indiana Jones, Sammi was a unicorn, and Briggs was the cutest giraffe!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flag Football

This was Brock's 1st year to play flag football and he loved every minute of it!Barrett and Eric were coaches again and they were able to teach them a few plays and have lots of fun doing it! It was so fun to watch. They did really good and tried really hard. It was combined with 2nd graders and we were definently short on 2nd graders on our team so some games were a little frustrating. The difference between 1st and 2nd grade is pretty big so they struggle at times. They still had a lot of fun and we did win a few games! Way to go Brock!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I like Daddy being around!

Today I went on a run outside while Sammi was at pre-school and Barrett was home with Briggs. It is so nice to be able to go running during the day! This is what I came home to! I thought it was the cutest thing ever! I have enjoyed having him around more and the kids like it too! One plus to being unemployed!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hunter's wife

So I decided I am not a good wife of a hunter. There are amazing women around me that support and actually go hunting with there husbands. Not me and my cute hubby says he wouldn't want me there anyway! So Barrett took off early Friday for the combo Elk and Deer tag he was so excited to get! The plan was Friday thru Tuesday all along and I thought I would be fine with that(if he was employed.) But of course as he is packing and getting all his gear ready, I start to get quiet. Barrett sees the frustration and says "do you want me to come home Sunday?" I reply, "well no, I just don't understand why it takes 5 days, that is a really long time." Barrett: "OK I will come home Sunday." Ash:"Really it is OK, that was the plan all along and I will be fine. Don't come back for me, but what if you get a job interview or offer." Barrett: "I am coming back Sunday."
So as he called to confirm today that I need to pick him up and he will be there Sunday at 1, I was kind of happy, but also feeling bad. He hasn't got anything yet!

Today though Brock brought it all back into perspective for me. I was sitting down after dragging all 3 kids to the dollar store as promised, buy milk and pizza for dinner, and then in and out of the tub after practically mopping the whole floor due to splashing, to fold some of thier laundry. I started to explain to Brock how hard it is to do this parenting thing alone and how tired I am. I told him I really needed his help! He said "Mom I will help you" and started folding laundry with me, which lasted all of 2 items. Then he asked "did you not want Daddy to go hunting?" I replied, "Well no, yes, I guess so, I think it is good to have hobbies and I want him to enjoy his time and have fun. I know he loves it. It is just hard to do it alone." Thinking nothing of it and expecting to never hear about it again we carried on. We did our regular bedtime routine and were saying prayers, Sammi wanted Brock to help her, so he did. It started out the same old thing then in closing he shocked me when he said, "we ask thee to give Mom help from the Lord." I felt the tears coming, but tried to hold it together to give him a huge hug and say thank you for that special prayer! I am so amazed how kids can bring it back to perspective and say it like it is! I thought wow, even Brock knows what I should do. Have I prayed for help while Barrett is gone? No. I have prayed for protection for us both and to watch over us and a job. I didn't simply ask for help. All we have to do is ask and it shall be given us. What a good reminder for me! I am so grateful for my Lord and I know He can and will help me. I am not the perfect wife or mother and I don't have to be. But I do need to be willing to ask for help. Thanks Brock!! I just wanted to journal that so I could remember that special moment!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sammi is 4!

Sammi had her birthday on Tuesday Sept. 29. I have to say how grateful we are to have her in our family! She is a little drama queen that from birth has always butt heads with me, but I love having another girl in the family. Barrett says we struggle because we are so much alike, I disagree. She is in pre-school for the first time in someones home this year and is doing great. She is learning her letters and numbers and making great friends. She loves going to school and can't wait for the days she gets to go. She loves girly things like dress ups, princesses, polly pockets and of course anything pink. She has taken gymnastics and can't wait to try dance. She also loves to play with the boys and do anything from super heroes to football with Brock and Dad. Her best friend is a little boy named Dylan whom she is going to also marry:)! She is so sweet and kind yet always wants her way!! She loves to help when she can and listens pretty good! I can't believe she is four already. I love seeing her grow and change into a beautiful little girl!
She keeps saying I am four and I got four parties. Which was true and will never happen again. We got together with my family on Saturday. I made the lovely Barbie cake, she loved it and got to help, that is all that matters(it was pretty scary in person). Then on Sunday Barrett's family came over and we celebrated again. My sister in law Nicole made that awesome present cake which delicious and beautiful. We decided she is making cakes for all the grand kids. She really did great and loves doing it! Then Tuesday was her actual birthday so we made her favorite dinner, rolled up pancakes, bacon and eggs. She also open the gifts from us. Then I felt like she should have a little friend party for the first time on Wed. She got sick so we postponed it Thursday. They all dressed up and we played games, ate cupcakes and that made party number 4. Her are the pictures!

Monday, August 31, 2009

1st day of school

Brock started 1st grade this year and after and lot of thinking we decided to go back to the public school, so I didn't have to drive an hour round trip 2 times a day. He was so excited to go to a brand new school and be with his friends and eat lunch! So far we like his teacher and seems like it will be a great fit for everyone!
Sammi also started pre school at a house close to our neighborhood! So far it has also been great! Briggs and I get to have some quality time which is usually him napping and me exercising, which is great for me!Don't they look great for there 1st day!! I must say I have pretty cute kiddos!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Camping/swim lessons

Barrett came home from Vegas for a weekend and we went camping as a family to Strawberry Lake and had a lot of fun! The kids love the dirt, hiking, fishing and marshmallows over the fire! We even had a little family water fight which mostly consisted of Barrett soaking me and the kids, but we tried really hard to get him! We slept in a tent for the first time in a while and it wasn't too bad, thanks to a heater! Briggs did really well and was Dad's little buddy! I love spending time outdoors with my family. We truly cherish those times we have not worrying about material things and just enjoying God's creations!

Brock did swimming lessons again this year with Josh. He was treading water, diving, front crawl, back stroke and even tried flips off the diving board. I couldn't believe a 6 yr old could tread water for 2 min, he did great even though he was the smallest and youngest by 2 years in his class. Sammi also did a week of swim lessons and loved it. She is really comfortable in the water now and can go under and almost swim a bit! They both got plenty of practice going everyday while we were in Vegas!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some last summer fun!

We did have some fun as a family in Las Vegas and here are some of the pictures.We went back to the splash park on a Saturday this time so Daddy could join us, the kids had fun and loved feeding the ducks. I was a little scared for Briggs though because they were just his size and not shy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Or Not!

So as I was just saying we are so grateful for the job that took him to Las Vegas for the last 2 months, but as of today he was laid off from that great company. Darn it! So if any you know of any jobs, let us know and I guess wish us luck. I know things will work out, but it was a pretty tough one to digest, I really never saw it coming! We still have many blessings and are grateful for all our friends and family who have already been there for us! I am hopeful and know Barrett will find work soon!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back home together again!

So we are back in Utah and had a nice week together with no work. Barrett took the week off to spend some time together without having to work. He took Brock camping by themselves for a little boys trip. They took the 4 wheeler and did lots of fishing. Sammi and I had a movie night and painted our finger nails and toes. Unfortunately we don't have pictures but it was a good week home! I have a few posts about some things we did in Vegas this time so I will put those pictures up soon. All in all it wasn't too bad to be in Vegas for a few more weeks, but we are glad we are together in our home again. We definitely found a greater appreciation for the home we have with a yard! We also appreciate the time we are together now which is a great blessing! Also grateful for this beautiful state we live in and for the nice cool weather we had this weekend. We are very grateful for Barrett's job and that he is still employed and hopefully it will be closer to home now!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to Vegas we go!

So Barrett is still working in Las Vegas hopefully for only a few more weeks! Now that we have no more obligations,like swimming, dr's appt etc. We decided to come back with him until he is done. We are staying in a extended stay hotel with a pool. That should be enough for us. The kids love swimming and with 110 degrees that is about all we can do during the day!It is tight quarters for the five of us, but well worth it to be together. I hope we can manage to keep busy and from driving each other cazy until he is done. I just need to be thankful he has a job. The job situation is kind of frightening. I hate being alone and thankfully it is not during school and not too far so we can come down. I want to get some workbooks or something to keep the kids busy inside the hotel room. Any tips or advice please share! I don't know how military wives do it. I am not that strong. I am truly grateful for a job and for a hardworking husband! So goodbye cool mountain breezes and hello to the desert heat!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We also went to an aquarium in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay! It was so fun to see the kids look at all the fish and sharks. They have a tunnel where you walk through the aquarium and the sharks were right above you. My parents came out and went through that with us. We all had a good time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 years strong!!

I just have to post that yesterday was our anniversary! Wow has it gone by fast. Bear has been working in Vegas for a about 5 weeks and we have been apart far too much. He did come home this weekend and we had a great time celebrating the 4th and our 8 years together. We have actually been together 10yrs including the mission time. We were able to go out on Friday thanks to Barrett's Mom and get much needed massages (after sleeping on hotel beds and being alone and exhausted)! We then went out to one of our fav's Red Lobster and just talked and spent good quality alone time. You really appreciate and love someone even more when you have to be away from them. We reminisced about the 8 wonderful years and that special day 8 years ago! We love having it close to the 4th, time off and fun activities! I love being married to him and knowing we can be together forever!! I hate having him gone but I thank him for providing and taking care of us so well! I love hugging him and just being in his arms! I hate fighting and arguing but know it will only make us stronger, we will get through tough times and make it through this trial of life! I love the 3 beautiful creations we have together and they remind us daily what life is about! I love learning and growing each year whether good or bad. I love being a Love!! Thanks Honey for all you do amd for 8 wonderful years I love you! Here is too many many more!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Vegas Fun

We went to a fun splash park in a nice Las Vegas neighboorhood. They had a little pond with ducks the kids got to feed and lots of turtles everywhere. Then inside a gated area there is a free park where there is a playground and splash toys! It was still so hot we didn't spend too long there! But the kids had fun!!

Then one night we drove out to Hoover Dam with Barrett and saw that neat site! Barrett was so excited, it was pretty amazing. I don't know what was cooler the dam or the bridge they are building! The kids were amazed!

Vegas Fun

So Barrett has been working in Las Vegas for about 6 weeks helping Layton finish out a project and will hopefully soon be done. We went down for 2 weeks to spend some time with him. It was nice for us to have a little vacation, while sad that he still had to work all day every day. We got perfect weather and had a few fun outings beside the pool! We went every single day to the pool, it was so nice and fun for the kids, they love the water! Here are a few highlights from our trip.
We went to a really neat park where big horn sheep come eat the grass and just hang out. The kids wanted to touch them until they started ramming eachother and then climbing up the slide at the playground. They are so amazing how they don't even care about people being around, they litterally started walking on the slides and then kids said, "can we go now."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

May in a nutshell

We had a great May starting with Brock turning 6!! Wow I can't believe I have a 6yr old. He had a fun party with a few? friends. Barrett talked him into going to Cabelas where they let you have as many kids as you would like, scavenger hunt, tokens to shoot the guns, fish food and some candy for each one. So I did go a little crazy and invited quite a few, we had 16 with Brock and Sammi. It was crazy, but fun! He got lots of water guns, bakugans, and star wars stuff! We got him Lego Indiana Jones on Wii which is nice instead of star wars all the time.
Then the next day we headed down to Monticello for the turkey hunt which was very unsuccessful for all the hunters in our group, but still fun. We had a pool and hot tub at the hotel and had a fun cook out in the mountains! Then on the way home we stopped in Arches National park and did a couple of little hikes which was so beautiful and the kids were amazed! The sand was so soft but when the wind picked up it hurt a little, so we quickly left that hike. What a beautiful state we live in, we have it all!! We definitely want to go back and spend some time at Arches and Moab.

Then with school coming to an end we had the dance festival at Brock's school, which was so cute! Then his Kindergarten graduation, which really brought tears to my eyes, I can't believe he is done and now going into 1st grade, aaah. I am so happy/sad to see him grow up so fast! He did wonderful at Odyessey. We are so proud of him. May flew by and June is going to fast too.