Sunday, April 26, 2009

My baby is 1!!

Briggs turned 1 on April 18th and we had a fun little family get together. I can't believe he is one. What a fun little guy he is, for the most part. He is our little clown. He loves attention and making people laugh. He has had his fair share of ear infections and we can always tell when he has one because he is a different baby. He actually is got tubes in on Tuesday so hopefully he will feel better finally. He is walking all over the place and gets so frustrated when he falls down. The last time we went in he was about 21pds. So he is finally getting chubby. He loves being outside and gets so mad when we come in. He got a swing for his birthday which he loves and enjoyed with the warm weather.I found the cutest cake of combined cupcakes to make a farm house with little people on it. He is still a little Mommas boy, which is fun most of the time. We love him so much and can't believe we are already through the first year.

My little missionaries!!

A couple weeks ago Brock and Sammi dressed up as missionaries and came to teach me. They were so cute and did a great job. It is amazing what a simple basic knowledge of the gospel can do. Brock did really good at answering my questions. We even turned it into family night and talked about Barrett's mission and pulled out mission pictures. Which is neat for us both because I feel like I was a part of it a bit, writing him the whole time. I hope that gave Brock a new excitement for going on a mission some day. I think he is really concerned about no tv and video games. Sammi was convinced she needed to wear a shirt and tie, even I said girls wear dresses on thier missions.