Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Rooms!

We recently moved Brock down stairs so he could have his own room. He is getting so big and insisted on needing alone time, and Sammi wasn't giving him any. We have 3 more bedrooms downstairs and he wasn't nervous at all so we went to work combining the two offices and moving Brock's bed downstairs. He wanted a sports room and we did our best, still in the works though. Sammi was able to have her own room upstairs now and she wanted a pink one! So to help with the transition of sleeping by herself we let her pick some paint and we painted her room! It turned out really cute!! I still want some new furniture for her but the painting and flowers are darling! Barrett is so great with all my projects! He helped so much with the painting and moving! Thanks hun!I must say that everyone is doing great in there own rooms. Brock is not scared at all and Sammi sleeps in later than everyone now! Yeah!