Sunday, March 27, 2011

Briggs in nursery

So after a lot of coaxing and sitting in there with him, Briggs now loves nursery. He loves the friends in there, songs, snacks and leaders. So he now looks forward to going. But 3 weeks ago we feared that it changed. He had a run in with the wall. He is a very rambunctious little boy and when given the chance to run around the table he will take it. So apparently they all decided to run around the snack table. Briggs tripped and hit the wall divider, which is sharp and metal, not a good combo. I just walked into Relief Society when a good friend came to pull me out and say calmly Briggs fell and is bleeding. I wasn't too concerned until all I saw red, he was covered in blood. I know heads bleed but I have never seen so much blood. I had a friend call Barrett cause he was home with Brock who was sick. Then we brought him home and finally calmed him down and cleaned him up. It stopped bleeding and Barrett thought a butterfly band aid would keep it together and wouldn't need stitches. I thought it would for sure need stitches, but it is looking good now! In this picture he is being tough, cause we kept telling him that to help calm him down. Being pregnant didnt help my emotions but I kept it together for the most part. The primary president and bishop showed up later that week to make sure he was ok, which was very nice!