Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Sammi!!

Some pictures over the years from birth to now! What a beautiful baby and now little girl!

3 years ago today we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Samantha Jean into this world a little backwards and early. She weighed 6lbs 10oz 19in long, born at 1:40 am. She had to come by c-section because she was breech. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. She is such a girl yet loves to wrestle and play with the boys. She loves helping Mom with anything especially folding laundry, loves playing with Brock, and especially loves her Dad! She got to spend time with her Grandma Love and Grandma and Grandpa Wootton over her birthday weekend. She wanted a white cake with white frosting so we picked one out and she was thrilled. She also chose her favorite dinner of waffles! She was very spoiled from families and friends and now has more girl toys to play with! Happy Birthday Baby! Love ya

Monday, September 22, 2008

We made the switch

Brock has now moved to a charter school in American Fork and I am pleased to say it has been such a good thing! I was very unsure at first, because of the driving, uniforms, and friends, but things have really worked out and Brock absolutely loves it. I have asked if he is sad that he won't see his other class and teacher anymore. He keeps telling me, "this is better Mom!" He has a full time teacher plus aide there everyday. He says he likes having 2 teachers. It is weird how it worked out because he was already going to Saratoga Shores for about 3 weeks. I was not thrilled about his teacher, but I thought I could help and make it ok. I got an email from Odyssey saying they had a position open for Brock in afternoon kindergarten last Tues. Then we went that day and checked out the school and met the teacher. He was sold. The teacher said do you want to come here or are you still deciding. Brock said "I want to come here." I was very impressed with the school, teacher, and curriculum. They do reading and math based on the level they are at. Which is awesome! I still had to think of the drive, 25 min each way and all of his buddies were in morning kindergarten. But we decided to try it out, so thanks to Barrett's sister who gave us some old uniform clothes, we started the next day. After a long morning of still debating and waiting to take him, we finally got there. He did great went right in. I still wished we could do morning so it wouldn't shake up the routine to much. I think that was the hardest part. As I was leaving they said they had one spot available for morning and we took it. We leave the exact same time he had to be ready for the bus. Briggs does much better in the morning and then he and Sammi take good afternoon naps because we are home. He loves the uniform look too. If we go anywhere after he says "Mom they will all see me looking so handsome." He has made the transition easier, because he is so positive and happy about it. I think it was answer to prayers and things have worked out for the best.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Pic's

Here are some pictures from the Payson Lakes camp trip from the next post! Brock and Sammi had so much fun together. Enjoy :)

Summer is ending.

We are sad to see the summer go and wanted to share some of the last things we did. We love to go camping together as a family. Last year we were able to buy a trailer to make the experience even more enjoyable. I don't mind one night in a tent but that was about all I can handle without a bathroom and water. Barrett quickly learned if he was going to be able to enjoy the outdoors he had to make it easier for me. So buying the trailer was one of the best things he has done. I absolutely love it now. It has been such good family time. The kids can't wait for our camping trips and enjoy every bit of the experience. They love the hiking, fishing, riding bikes, and playing in the water. We are so lucky to be able to go often and enjoy nature and each other. The last couple of outings were new but extra fun. We went to Yuba Lake with a group of families from our ward and had a blast boating, swimming and just hanging out talking. The kids loved being there with friends too. They loved playing in the water and even riding on the tube, for the most part. Sammi was brave enough to get on with me but shortly after being pulled at 2mph she wanted off. She really loved to play in the sand and get some rays. Brock is a fish and loved every bit especially the tube. We have such good friends and love the ward we are in. What a good time we had and it is officially a yearly event.

The other camping trip was just this past weekend we went to the beautiful Payson Lakes with Barrett's Mom. We had so much fun and appreciate her so much. The kids love spending time with her, sharing hugs, and telling her their stories. She is such a big help. One more set of hands is great with 3 kids. We did lots of fishing and think Brock was born to fish. He caught the most fish out of us all. We had a choice of 3 different lakes to try and enjoyed each place. Sammi loves being outside, getting dirty, and petting the fish Brock catches. They both had fish for breakfast both days because you have to keep at least one to eat(says Brock). Barrett was such a good Dad and husband as he untied many knots, unhooked fish, and retied hooks. He lost at least 3 float balls and hooks thanks to Brock and I. He never complained that he wasn't able to fish like he wanted. He just enjoyed the time we spent together. Thanks Hun!!
Well another summer is gone and I truly have cherished these priceless memories we have made and look forward to the many more summers to come and make more!! It is nice to take a moment away from the busyness of life to enjoy the beautiful world we have.