Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have to vent!!

So I really have a lot of updating to do, birthdays, vacations, etc, they are coming soon. I needed to vent and get my thoughts out about this whole parenting thing. Do any of you ever feel like you suck at it. It has been one of those days. Mostly with a particular 3 year old in this house, but seriously what have I done wrong? So let me tell you how each day typically goes and specifically this one. We usually have to get up by 7 and take Brock to school which Sammi hates and usually fights me on putting shoes on or just getting to the car, but today we actually didn't have to do that we got to sleep in so I thought, when all 3 were up at 6:30. Brock and Sammi start out the day with a fight about who made there bed first since the night before Brock decided whoever did it first could choose the Wii game they could play. I usually help Sammi since it is hard for her, but I tried to stay in bed as long as possible. Brock broke down and helped her do it, I think so she would stop crying. Then we had the usual fight of taking her pull up off in the morning. Then breakfast was not the right pancakes as Sammi stated, she wanted rolled up. Then it was time to take Brock to school for his cute Dance festival and Sammi didn't have her shoes on and didn't know where they were so after patiently waiting she found the ones she used to help pull weeds on Saturday and dirt is now all throughout the house. We got to the school and Sammi played for a minute at the park. While the kids got together for thier dances. She then sat while she watched and had snacks. Once it was over she wanted to play for another minute so I let her play for a minute then we had to get Brock from his class to go. It was a full out set Briggs down and drag her off the swings while crying the whole time. In the mean time she lost her gum and was mad about that. We got home and she got to play with her cute little friend Dylan for a minute with his mom at the park. Then Dylans mom walked them back to our house and they played for a minute downstairs. It was time for Dylan to go and Brock was going to his friends house. Sammi didn't want to stay home. I said I'm sorry Sammi but you need to stay home and rest we can put a movie on. She was not having it. She put her shoes on and next thing you know she is running as fast as she can down the street towards Dylan's and away from me. She was half way down the block when I took off with no shoes and Briggs in hand after her. Brock took off on his scooter to help but it took him two trys to catch her. She was almost to the end of the street when Brock sits on her to keep her from moving. She is mad, in pain, and I am sure scared. I get to her and tell her she needs to listen and we are going home. I grab her hand and walk back home still holding poor Briggs. The whole time she is screaming and hitting me. So I tell her she may not play outside anymore today and put her in her room still screaming at the top of her lungs. She unlocks the door and comes out so I drag her up there again. She is now asleep on the floor of course. But, seriously, how do I avoid these battles every day? I am trying to be patient but she makes me so mad. I say a little prayer every time to help me be patient and to know how to handle the situation, but it is still hard. Well if anything I vented about it, but truly a litte advice, tips, ideas, or suggestions would be awesome. Barrett says it is just the girl thing, but I really don't think that is it. She really wants to do everything Brock does and he is 6 so he can play longer and more then she can. I don't know, but it is a daily struggle and hopefully she will grow out of it. Thanks for listening and more interesting posts will come.