Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flag Football

This was Brock's 1st year to play flag football and he loved every minute of it!Barrett and Eric were coaches again and they were able to teach them a few plays and have lots of fun doing it! It was so fun to watch. They did really good and tried really hard. It was combined with 2nd graders and we were definently short on 2nd graders on our team so some games were a little frustrating. The difference between 1st and 2nd grade is pretty big so they struggle at times. They still had a lot of fun and we did win a few games! Way to go Brock!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I like Daddy being around!

Today I went on a run outside while Sammi was at pre-school and Barrett was home with Briggs. It is so nice to be able to go running during the day! This is what I came home to! I thought it was the cutest thing ever! I have enjoyed having him around more and the kids like it too! One plus to being unemployed!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hunter's wife

So I decided I am not a good wife of a hunter. There are amazing women around me that support and actually go hunting with there husbands. Not me and my cute hubby says he wouldn't want me there anyway! So Barrett took off early Friday for the combo Elk and Deer tag he was so excited to get! The plan was Friday thru Tuesday all along and I thought I would be fine with that(if he was employed.) But of course as he is packing and getting all his gear ready, I start to get quiet. Barrett sees the frustration and says "do you want me to come home Sunday?" I reply, "well no, I just don't understand why it takes 5 days, that is a really long time." Barrett: "OK I will come home Sunday." Ash:"Really it is OK, that was the plan all along and I will be fine. Don't come back for me, but what if you get a job interview or offer." Barrett: "I am coming back Sunday."
So as he called to confirm today that I need to pick him up and he will be there Sunday at 1, I was kind of happy, but also feeling bad. He hasn't got anything yet!

Today though Brock brought it all back into perspective for me. I was sitting down after dragging all 3 kids to the dollar store as promised, buy milk and pizza for dinner, and then in and out of the tub after practically mopping the whole floor due to splashing, to fold some of thier laundry. I started to explain to Brock how hard it is to do this parenting thing alone and how tired I am. I told him I really needed his help! He said "Mom I will help you" and started folding laundry with me, which lasted all of 2 items. Then he asked "did you not want Daddy to go hunting?" I replied, "Well no, yes, I guess so, I think it is good to have hobbies and I want him to enjoy his time and have fun. I know he loves it. It is just hard to do it alone." Thinking nothing of it and expecting to never hear about it again we carried on. We did our regular bedtime routine and were saying prayers, Sammi wanted Brock to help her, so he did. It started out the same old thing then in closing he shocked me when he said, "we ask thee to give Mom help from the Lord." I felt the tears coming, but tried to hold it together to give him a huge hug and say thank you for that special prayer! I am so amazed how kids can bring it back to perspective and say it like it is! I thought wow, even Brock knows what I should do. Have I prayed for help while Barrett is gone? No. I have prayed for protection for us both and to watch over us and a job. I didn't simply ask for help. All we have to do is ask and it shall be given us. What a good reminder for me! I am so grateful for my Lord and I know He can and will help me. I am not the perfect wife or mother and I don't have to be. But I do need to be willing to ask for help. Thanks Brock!! I just wanted to journal that so I could remember that special moment!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sammi is 4!

Sammi had her birthday on Tuesday Sept. 29. I have to say how grateful we are to have her in our family! She is a little drama queen that from birth has always butt heads with me, but I love having another girl in the family. Barrett says we struggle because we are so much alike, I disagree. She is in pre-school for the first time in someones home this year and is doing great. She is learning her letters and numbers and making great friends. She loves going to school and can't wait for the days she gets to go. She loves girly things like dress ups, princesses, polly pockets and of course anything pink. She has taken gymnastics and can't wait to try dance. She also loves to play with the boys and do anything from super heroes to football with Brock and Dad. Her best friend is a little boy named Dylan whom she is going to also marry:)! She is so sweet and kind yet always wants her way!! She loves to help when she can and listens pretty good! I can't believe she is four already. I love seeing her grow and change into a beautiful little girl!
She keeps saying I am four and I got four parties. Which was true and will never happen again. We got together with my family on Saturday. I made the lovely Barbie cake, she loved it and got to help, that is all that matters(it was pretty scary in person). Then on Sunday Barrett's family came over and we celebrated again. My sister in law Nicole made that awesome present cake which delicious and beautiful. We decided she is making cakes for all the grand kids. She really did great and loves doing it! Then Tuesday was her actual birthday so we made her favorite dinner, rolled up pancakes, bacon and eggs. She also open the gifts from us. Then I felt like she should have a little friend party for the first time on Wed. She got sick so we postponed it Thursday. They all dressed up and we played games, ate cupcakes and that made party number 4. Her are the pictures!